Friday, July 24, 2009

Morning of Day 2 @ TJR

We're back in our chalet. We spent the whole morning in the pool and at the beach. We went to the big pool at first. The bf swam laps burning off the dinner we had the night before. I swam [mini] laps too.

Then we went to swim at the beach. Who cares if it was [almost] noon and the sun was [almost] directly above our heads? It was SO MUCH FUN! The sand was white and clean.. And the water so clear! It was so beautiful. :)

Then we went to do more laps in the pool but in the smaller pool this time. After all that swimming, we hung out beside the pool and played MTG while waiting for lunch time. Haha.

There are no locals at all here except for the two of us and TJR's staff. The staff are very friendly.

Last night, while we were out for dinner, they came into our chalet, replaced our towels with fresh towels, made our bed and put an orchid on top of each pillow for that extra touch. So we'd come back to a nice clean room. The service here is excellent!

More stories later. Pics too..


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