Thursday, July 30, 2009

Half Past Three In The Morning

It's about half past three in the morning and I can't sleep. I figured I might as well update my blog. Hm lets see.. Since coming back from the vacation, I..

1. Caught flu and fever and diarrhea. Don't worry, people. It's not H1N1. And I'm better now. :)

2. Got an MC right after my 2 days of leave, making it a total of 3 days of missing from work. Not very happy about it but the doctor insisted. But was quite thankful in the end, that I got a day off just to sleep off all the tiredness from the vacation plus from the sickness.

3. Got myself a new baby. :) Bought myself a DSLR. Canon 500d. Have always ALWAYS wanted one of my own. Figured that I might as well get one now and learn to use it before my trip to Europe in September. Have only been using the bf's Nikon d200 and d300. Went to Singapore with the d200 once and it was torture lugging the camera around. And in Tanjong Jara, the d300 together with the battery grip. THAT was really heavy! The bf also gave me a few lenses from his Canon 450d to try out my new camera with, as well as to learn to use the different lenses. There is a 50mm, 10-22mm, 18-55mm which is the kit lens from the 450d (as well as the 500d), and a L lens. :)

4. Went to see an ENT, Dr Bala on my sinus problem. Too lazy to elaborate on this. But he put in a camera thingy into my nose. And it's not something serious. I'm supposed to use a nasal spray, Avamys, daily for a month and go back to see him for a follow-up.

5. Was brought out for lunch by HR, together with the others, at a Thai restaurant behind McD's in Section 3, called Serai. And discovered a dessert soooooo gooooood that I'll definitely DEFINITELY go back for. It's chocolate ice cream in a tall cup with pieces of banana, cornflakes (!), chocolate syrup, and a chocolate shavings thingy which I'm not sure what it is but tastes like it could be from Oreo cookies. Oh man, the combination is just so delicious. *drools*

Am still waiting for our pics at Tanjong Jara from the bf. Will upload them as soon as I get them from him. :)


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