Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Broke & Happy

I am officially broke. In the past three days, I have bought and spent
  • A pair of black satin stilettos (10% discount with HSBC card) RM 134
  • Two bolster cases for my bedroom (just because they were on 50% discount) RM 40
  • A lot of lingerie RM 410
  • Nokia E71 RM 1,200
  • A pair of chocolate suede maryjane shoes RM 169
  • Two silk pashmina shawls RM 50
  • A black satin clutch to go with my stilettos RM 239
  • Two pairs of jeans RM 452

Excluding how much I spent for baju raya, which was about RM 1,000 and duit raya to give away tomorrow, which will be about a couple of hundred ringgit.

Argh! I am not gonna shop for the next 6 months! And I've already asked him to slap me if I want to buy anything else other than food. Heh.

Nevertheless, shopping is therapy.. And I'm happy :p But I'll be happier with another handbag :p

Thursday, September 25, 2008

This Is My Cat

This is Ben (in one of his many sleep poses). :) I adopted him from an independent animal rescuer about 1.5 years ago. Ben drools in his sleep. Haha.

My dad spoils him crazy. My dad feeds him fresh fish everyday! And if my dad buys a different type of fish, he won't eat it as he only wants specific fishes. Ben is very mengada-ngada that way.

Ben is very funny too. I always take photos of him sleeping as he always sleeps in the funniest manners.

I wish Ben would eat more as I would love to have a fat cat. Maybe I'll adopt another one.. At least Ben will have a friend of the same species instead of always being so clingy to my dad. Haha.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Don't Stop

I was being my usual self and talking and talking non stop. He was playing a racing game and kept crashing. So I said, "Ok, I'll stop talking and let you play your game" and he said, "No, don't stop talking. I'll feel strange that you're not talking" :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

On The Fifth Day of Ramadhan

I'm happy that
  • I've finally posted an entry in my blog;
  • my fever has broken; and
  • it is Friday;

Well, among other things as well, that is.