Monday, November 22, 2010

Update #3

I have LOADS of travel stories and photos to share but simply can't find the time to write nor edit the photos. In the past months, I went to:

  • Singapore and visited Marina Bay Sands
  • India and visited the Taj Mahal
  • Delhi, Kashmir and Jaipur, also in India
  • Sandefjord, Norway (again) for a meeting
  • Stockholm in Sweden
  • Bangkok numerous times

  • A few friends and I actually drove from Sandefjord to Stockholm. It was a 7-hour drive (plus a 2-hour ferry ride). Interesting story there.

    Also organized Syikin's baby shower. LOADS of photos there too!

    Will try to find time on top of the wedding planning to post stories and photos. Yea, you read that right. Wedding planning. I'm getting married! Hehe.

    P.S: I have a meeting tomorrow with Chenta Weddings. I am SO EXCITED and NERVOUS! Hehe.