Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Need Extra Hours

The boss have decided that employees will have to go through an e-learning course as an introduction to the usage of computers in J****. And in addition, those getting a laptop computer will get a Quickstart guide on using the laptop computer.

For weeks, I have been working on the e-learning course. And 2 days ago, it was published! I'm so happy. :)

The lady from Corporate office (in Norway) who helped me publish the course online wanted it to be opened to all other J**** offices in the world so they can get ideas from my course and start one of their own. Hehe. *beams proudly* :)

Now I have to start work on the Quickstart guide and make sure it is completed ASAP. Before the end of this month. Hmm..

Friday, 17/07
IFS MATRIX training
FNM - Manawerx

Saturday, 18/07
FNM - DeCards

Sunday, 19/07
Laundry day

Monday, 20/07
IFS MATRIX training

Tuesday, 21/07
Prepare for MIS/BO training

Wednesday, 22/07
MIS/BO training, and
IFS MATRIX training

Thursday, 23/07
On leave - Tanjong Jara vacation

Friday, 24/07
On leave - Tanjong Jara vacation

Saturday, 25/07
Tanjong Jara vacation

Sunday, 26/07

Monday, 27/07
IFS MATRIX training

Tuesday, 28/07
Microsoft training

Wednesday, 29/07
IFS MATRIX training

Where am I gonna find the time??? *panics*


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