Thursday, July 30, 2009

Half Past Three In The Morning

It's about half past three in the morning and I can't sleep. I figured I might as well update my blog. Hm lets see.. Since coming back from the vacation, I..

1. Caught flu and fever and diarrhea. Don't worry, people. It's not H1N1. And I'm better now. :)

2. Got an MC right after my 2 days of leave, making it a total of 3 days of missing from work. Not very happy about it but the doctor insisted. But was quite thankful in the end, that I got a day off just to sleep off all the tiredness from the vacation plus from the sickness.

3. Got myself a new baby. :) Bought myself a DSLR. Canon 500d. Have always ALWAYS wanted one of my own. Figured that I might as well get one now and learn to use it before my trip to Europe in September. Have only been using the bf's Nikon d200 and d300. Went to Singapore with the d200 once and it was torture lugging the camera around. And in Tanjong Jara, the d300 together with the battery grip. THAT was really heavy! The bf also gave me a few lenses from his Canon 450d to try out my new camera with, as well as to learn to use the different lenses. There is a 50mm, 10-22mm, 18-55mm which is the kit lens from the 450d (as well as the 500d), and a L lens. :)

4. Went to see an ENT, Dr Bala on my sinus problem. Too lazy to elaborate on this. But he put in a camera thingy into my nose. And it's not something serious. I'm supposed to use a nasal spray, Avamys, daily for a month and go back to see him for a follow-up.

5. Was brought out for lunch by HR, together with the others, at a Thai restaurant behind McD's in Section 3, called Serai. And discovered a dessert soooooo gooooood that I'll definitely DEFINITELY go back for. It's chocolate ice cream in a tall cup with pieces of banana, cornflakes (!), chocolate syrup, and a chocolate shavings thingy which I'm not sure what it is but tastes like it could be from Oreo cookies. Oh man, the combination is just so delicious. *drools*

Am still waiting for our pics at Tanjong Jara from the bf. Will upload them as soon as I get them from him. :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Morning of Day 2 @ TJR

We're back in our chalet. We spent the whole morning in the pool and at the beach. We went to the big pool at first. The bf swam laps burning off the dinner we had the night before. I swam [mini] laps too.

Then we went to swim at the beach. Who cares if it was [almost] noon and the sun was [almost] directly above our heads? It was SO MUCH FUN! The sand was white and clean.. And the water so clear! It was so beautiful. :)

Then we went to do more laps in the pool but in the smaller pool this time. After all that swimming, we hung out beside the pool and played MTG while waiting for lunch time. Haha.

There are no locals at all here except for the two of us and TJR's staff. The staff are very friendly.

Last night, while we were out for dinner, they came into our chalet, replaced our towels with fresh towels, made our bed and put an orchid on top of each pillow for that extra touch. So we'd come back to a nice clean room. The service here is excellent!

More stories later. Pics too..

The Most Expensive Dinner Ever

We're holidaying at Tanjong Jara Resort baybeh! Woohoo! :)

We had the most expensive dinner ever last night! It consisted of..

six sticks of satay, steamed buns and soup for the appetizers..

kangkung belacan, sizzling black pepper venison, ayam sweet sour Roselle (TJR's signature dish), butter milk prawn, assam pedas grilled fish fillet, and two plates of steamed rice for the main course..

banana split with 3 scoops of ice cream, and the most 'oh-my-gawd-i-just-died-and-went-to-heaven' DELICIOUS vanilla creme brulee for dessert.

Total bill was..


Fortunately, the dinner was included in our package. And it was the BEST dinner with Malay dishes I've ever had! :)

Pics to come soon..

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Two-Timing Angel

Something funny happened to me at Saturday's FNM..

I played against a guy who was using huge ass 4/4, 7/7 dragon creatures with trample, haste, flying etc. I won the first game with my Shield of Oversoul, Wilt Leave Cavalier and Wilt Leave Liege.

For the second game, he replaced a few cards from his sideboard into his mainboard. And I did the same. A Baneslayer Angel from my sideboard into my mainboard to go against his dragons.

But it just didn't come out during the second game, and I lost.

That is what usually happens to me. Most guys do not anticipate that my deck would be able to fight, let alone survive. And they're always caught by surprise.

During the third game, my Baneslayer Angel finally came out. I was SO happy. So so happy! Haha. But as a response, he casted a Slave of Bolas. Gained control of my Baneslayer Angel, used it to attack me, and discarded it into my graveyard.

Oh man.. I felt so dipermainkan! By my Baneslayer Angel. Ahhaha! I think I'll remember this move for quite some time. :p

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Second FNM

Round 1: I lost, 0-2
Round 2: I got paired with the bf so I let him win, 2-1
Round 3: I lost, 1-2


Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Need Extra Hours

The boss have decided that employees will have to go through an e-learning course as an introduction to the usage of computers in J****. And in addition, those getting a laptop computer will get a Quickstart guide on using the laptop computer.

For weeks, I have been working on the e-learning course. And 2 days ago, it was published! I'm so happy. :)

The lady from Corporate office (in Norway) who helped me publish the course online wanted it to be opened to all other J**** offices in the world so they can get ideas from my course and start one of their own. Hehe. *beams proudly* :)

Now I have to start work on the Quickstart guide and make sure it is completed ASAP. Before the end of this month. Hmm..

Friday, 17/07
IFS MATRIX training
FNM - Manawerx

Saturday, 18/07
FNM - DeCards

Sunday, 19/07
Laundry day

Monday, 20/07
IFS MATRIX training

Tuesday, 21/07
Prepare for MIS/BO training

Wednesday, 22/07
MIS/BO training, and
IFS MATRIX training

Thursday, 23/07
On leave - Tanjong Jara vacation

Friday, 24/07
On leave - Tanjong Jara vacation

Saturday, 25/07
Tanjong Jara vacation

Sunday, 26/07

Monday, 27/07
IFS MATRIX training

Tuesday, 28/07
Microsoft training

Wednesday, 29/07
IFS MATRIX training

Where am I gonna find the time??? *panics*

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Writer's Block

When I drive home from work or from dinner, I'm always reminding myself that I should update my blog more. I want to be able to talk about, or in this case, write about absolutely anything and nothing. Like some people whose blogs I frequent. I envy those people.

That was also one of the reasons why I wanted to have a blog.. Like everybody else.

But everytime I think about what to write, my mind goes blank. Despite the fact that I talk a lot (bf can support this fact), I always come to a dead end when trying to think of what to write about in my blog.

So I've been thinking about it for the past few days and have decided that I should take a 'Dear Diary' approach. When I was younger, I used to write in a diary everyday.. Of what happened in the day.. Somewhere along the lines of "Today I went to blablabla with blablabla to blablabla. And I had lunch at blablabla. And I bought blablabla and blablabla and blablabla."

Oh how young and naive I was. :p

However, I don't want this blog to be like that. But I think I need to start somewhere.. Yea? :)

So I shall start with my next entry.. :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Of First Times & Chocolate Brown

First won against stranger with my green-white beat down deck.

First FNM.
Round 1: I won, 2-1
Round 2: I lost, 1-2
Round 3: I lost, 0-2

Officially registered to DCI.

First time attended MTG Malaysia Nationals.


Ohh.. the bf and I went to a pet exhibition and saw the cuuuuuutest ever chocolate brown persian kitten for sale! I want that precious little kitten so so much! I've always wanted a chocolate brown cat.. Or a midnight grey/blue cat. Plus it was soooooo cute and manja!

Eventhough we could afford to get the chocolate brown persian kitten [financially], I don't think getting another kitten at this point of time is a good idea. First reason, it is a high maintenance type of cat. Second, nobody is at home to take care of it when I'm at work. Third, Ben. I don't think Ben would be too happy.

So the bf promised that we'll get one when we have our own place later.. Meow.