Sunday, July 5, 2009

Of First Times & Chocolate Brown

First won against stranger with my green-white beat down deck.

First FNM.
Round 1: I won, 2-1
Round 2: I lost, 1-2
Round 3: I lost, 0-2

Officially registered to DCI.

First time attended MTG Malaysia Nationals.


Ohh.. the bf and I went to a pet exhibition and saw the cuuuuuutest ever chocolate brown persian kitten for sale! I want that precious little kitten so so much! I've always wanted a chocolate brown cat.. Or a midnight grey/blue cat. Plus it was soooooo cute and manja!

Eventhough we could afford to get the chocolate brown persian kitten [financially], I don't think getting another kitten at this point of time is a good idea. First reason, it is a high maintenance type of cat. Second, nobody is at home to take care of it when I'm at work. Third, Ben. I don't think Ben would be too happy.

So the bf promised that we'll get one when we have our own place later.. Meow.



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