Friday, April 10, 2009


I booked my new car yesterday! Woot woot! It's a 2-month waiting list. I hope I'll get my car in time for my birthday!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some Call-Girl Trying to Attract 'Customers'

Dim lighting. Jazz music in the background. Thick lush carpet. Big fluffy cosy armchairs. Tourists sitting around chatting and having a glass of wine. And here I am sitting by myself, sipping on my iced chocolate, surfing the web on my mobile phone. A group of Africans are looking at me funny. They probably think I'm some call-girl trying to attract 'customers' here at this classy hotel cafe.

I'm waiting for the bf. He's at a bar nearby attending an event by Mercedes Benz which the Benz Director insisted he attend. He wasn't really keen on attending the event as he's not into the bar/club kinda places.

We were from a nearby mall. I had to look for a flat pair of shoes for work. Chiro says I'm only allowed to wear shoes with a maximum height of 2 inch heels. That sucks. All my high heel shoes are at least 3 inches high. I thought it was gonna be a challenge. But it turned out okay. There were several options. There was a nice pair at Nine West. Another at Aldo. Another at Charles & Keith. I bought the ones at Vincci+. I quite like Vincci+. They're not like the typical common Vincci. And.. I got a cute cute handbag from Charles & Keith.

I've stopped posting entries on my daily diet. It's too much commitment I couldn't take. I know I'm eating healthier than before. I don't really eat fried food anymore. And I've stopped eating KFC since September 2008. And I drink more water now, and less sweet drinks. That's a start.

Oh bf's done already. Better get the bill and see how much my iced chocolate cost (it wasn't in the menu). Juices in the menu were RM30! I sure hope my drink doesn't cost me RM50.

Waiter! Bill please!