Monday, July 20, 2009

My Two-Timing Angel

Something funny happened to me at Saturday's FNM..

I played against a guy who was using huge ass 4/4, 7/7 dragon creatures with trample, haste, flying etc. I won the first game with my Shield of Oversoul, Wilt Leave Cavalier and Wilt Leave Liege.

For the second game, he replaced a few cards from his sideboard into his mainboard. And I did the same. A Baneslayer Angel from my sideboard into my mainboard to go against his dragons.

But it just didn't come out during the second game, and I lost.

That is what usually happens to me. Most guys do not anticipate that my deck would be able to fight, let alone survive. And they're always caught by surprise.

During the third game, my Baneslayer Angel finally came out. I was SO happy. So so happy! Haha. But as a response, he casted a Slave of Bolas. Gained control of my Baneslayer Angel, used it to attack me, and discarded it into my graveyard.

Oh man.. I felt so dipermainkan! By my Baneslayer Angel. Ahhaha! I think I'll remember this move for quite some time. :p


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