Monday, November 16, 2009

Day Out With the Girls

I spent the whole of last Saturday with the girls from uni. It was initially planned to be a breakfast date. But we ended up having breakfast, lunch, tea AND dinner! Haha. Talk about craziness! It was a pity Syikin couldn't join us. But it's ok. We've setup another date already in our calendars. :)

The girls and I.. We have always been doing crazy things together. :) For example, one of us had a crush on a guy from uni and we knew he usually goes to the gym in the afternoon/ evening. So we were always there at the gym [pretending to be] working out hoping to bump into him. And one day, we were doing our thing at the gym, hoping/ waiting for him to come. But he didn't. So we gave up and decided to leave. But as we were leaving, he showed up. And instead of working out at the gym, he went to the field to play football. So we decided to continue our 'exercise' by jogging around the field. If I remember correctly, we 'exercised' for about 4-5 hours that day! Haha.

And then there was that time where we went out clubbing, and stayed up the whole morning, up to 7am at the Mamak, just so we won't fall asleep if we went back home, so we could attend an 8am class where Ieda and I were already blacklisted for missing too many times. And even though the distance between our faculty and college was probably about 500 metres, driving back to college after class felt like it was a 10-hour drive. That was the first and only time I had to try so so so hard not to fall asleep! Haha.

And we have dozens of CDs with photos! Haha. We took photos everyday and almost EVERY night! Now when I think about it, it's kinda funny. But it's good to go through those photos and reminisce the times we had. :)

So anyways, I am so glad we decided to finally meet. It's been so so so long since the last time we hung out. The last time we met was about 2 years ago at a Raya openhouse, and even then, we didn't really hang out and catch up. It felt really good to spend time again with the girls after such a long time. :)

For breakfast on Saturday, we went to Chawan @ Bangsar. This place used to be Devi's. It had the best maggi goreng! We were always craving to have the maggi goreng at Devi's. And we used to go there at least 2 times a week. And once during the convocation week, when all the food stalls and cafes in campus were closed, we went to Devi's everyday for breakfast, lunch and tea. Haha.

We spent the morning catching up with ex-boyfriend, boyfriend stories.. Who's married and who's going to and who's not anymore. The usual stuff.

Then we walked around, going into all the quaint little boutiques in Bangsar. Or as Ieda calls it, boutique hopping. :) Did some shopping too. And ended up having dinner at Hartamas Square (another old hang out place), with Asha joining us. :)

Sorry about the bad quality pictures. It was taken with a camera phone. :)

Hey girls, if you're reading this, share la some stories.. :)


ida said...

Shaharida Shariffudin likes this!!!
Thanks alot to Min, you made our breakfast date happen...

Hahahaha...Min Min...your blog reminds me of everything, every single moments that we have been thru together in 12th College UM...It felt really really reallllly good to have breakfast, lunch, tea & dinner together again after 4 years (plus-minus)...Actually Im so happy to lepak with Min and Nujui on that day. I mish you girls...

Hope Syikin can make it on the next date too. :-)

Mimi said...

haha.lawak ok bab gi gym nk usha org tuh.nuzul dh lupa dah part tu sbb sy x terlibat kan ;).hahaha.reminiscing good memories betul.makan megi goreng tu sgt addictive okay.hartamas sampai ke pagi pas clubbing and gi kelas jumaat mata lebam and lunch gi devi's adalah wajib.haha.sesi melepak di bilik bersama sandy azu asha syikin etc.hehe.sangat best ok korang ni...:D

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