Sunday, November 22, 2009

BusinessObjects, Rakuzen & Tiffany

The past week has been a very good week. :) On Monday and Tuesday, I attended a BusinessObjects universe designer training with Linda and Jon. Linda came all the way from Norway for the training. And after the universe designer training, we held training for the end users, from Wednesday to Friday. It was interesting as we got to learn the end users' report requirements and they got to see what our MIS can provide. Generally, the users were quite happy with MIS and we (the MIS team) have a lot to do! :)

At the end of Linda's visit, on Friday, Jasmyin and I brought her out for dinner at Rakuzen. :) I brought her to have local food for dinner the night before already (laksa and nasi lemak), and we had tomyum for lunch. We ordered so much at Rakuzen! Even the waitress who took our order was doubtful we could finish the food. But we told her, "Bring it on!" Haha.

Then, on Saturday, the bf and I went to Pavilion to shop. :) I thought of getting a handbag but didn’t find any which caught my eye. In the end, I got myself something from Tiffany & Co. :)

It is a bracelet with a Tiffany blue box charm, and it is so adorable! :) This is to replace the one the bf got me when we first got together which I lost last year. Of course it will never be the same as the one the bf got me first. But it is still a Tiffany & Co bracelet. :)

Since we spent the whole of Saturday doing ‘my thing’, on Sunday, I accompanied the bf to ComicsCorner to play MTG. :)

Then, I had dinner at Rakuzen (again) but with the bf this time. :)

See how crazy the bf is with his MTG cards. Even at Rakuzen, he’s looking at his MTG cards! :p

There are so many smileys in this entry.. Because I can’t stop smiling. It really has been a good week! :)

:) Teehee.


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