Sunday, October 18, 2009

Am Back!

I am finally back. Have been back for about 2 weeks now. Was actually back 3 weeks ago, then had to go for another business trip to Singapore 2 days after I got back from Europe, for a couple of days. Was so tiring!
This is the first weekend I've had to myself for what feels like a long long time. The bf had some food poisoning yesterday. So after having breakfast with him, I sent him home to recover. And I had the whole Saturday to myself. :)
Had a blast in UK with Adek. We celebrated Raya with a couple of his friends, who cooked rendang, and nasi impit, and satay, and kuah kacang, and laksa, and nasi lemak, and lontong etc. Felt good to have so much local food being so far away from home, especially it being Aidilfitri. Then, Adek and I spent 4 days in London. We did SO MUCH walking, trying to cover so many places in the limited time we had. Come to think of it now, it was kinda funny.

Will post stories about my trip to Europe, soon. Really soon, I promise.. :p


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