Saturday, October 18, 2008

Unhappiness Aside

Going to Nasim's Raya openhouse today. Feeling quite excited about that because it means I get to wear my new baju Raya which I have not worn yet, with my new stilettos and my new clutch. Heh.

He brought me out 2 nights in a row to jalan-jalan and have dinner. First was Carl's Jr at Sunway Pyramid. He wanted to bring me to Bangsar but it was raining too heavily and we felt it was too dangerous to drive so far in that condition. He picked Carl's Jr because I love the guacamole burger so much. He is sweet that way and I should remember that. The next night, again he wanted to bring me to Bangsar but traffic was so bad that we took a detour and ended up at Coffee Bean at Mont' Kiara. We had good salmon sandwiches and chatted. At the end of the night, it was okay that the traffic was bad and we had to take a couple of detours because he knows I love going around with the top down (not mine, the car) and I did enjoy the ride. And we went to a place that was quiet and kinda cosy, and we both like that. I know he's trying to make me happy. I should always be thankful that I have someone who loves me like he does.


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