Friday, October 24, 2008

Luck Be A Lady

The Malaysian girls from TARA season 3 really have luck on their side! They were doing quite well.. And the first time they got last, it was a predetermined non-elimination round! That was luck on their side already, if I might say. And this week, they got last again.. And again, it was another predetermined non-elimination round! That's twice in a row! Talk about luck!

I enjoy watching the two Malaysian girls race because they really play it cool.. Not all aggressive and out to stab the other teams so that they can win, like a couple of the other teams. They're really enjoying themselves.

But I also like watching the other Malaysian team simply because of their brother-sister relationship and because they're Malaysians too! :) Another team I also like watching is the Filipino team. Well not really the team, but more like one half of the team. Not the guy half, but the girl half. I think she's really attractive. She's sweet. :)


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