Friday, February 11, 2011

CNY 2011

I had a good long break during CNY this year. I took 2 days off work, so in total, I had 6 days off. Here are some photos taken over the long break.

We had dinner at Delicious;

 No cars at all on LDP!

 My handsome Eddie posing handsomely with his latte.

 My delicious grilled chicken caesar salad. Yummy!

My delicious red velvet cupcake.

We discovered a beautiful mosque when we went for a tahlil;

Eddie posing funnily in front of the mosque.

We were pretending to be 'tourists' in Turkey or something like that. Haha!

We had CNY dinner with the family;

 Handsome Eddie in red in honour of the celebration. He got a lot of angpows that night. Haha!

 Yummy yee sang waiting to be tossed!

A cousin of mine, Ling Huey, actually wished for no rain when tossing the yee sang. Hehe.

 Huge fish deco at the restaurant. I LOVE fish!

 Crab looking at me. I wonder what he's thinking.

Has anyone ever eaten this? Can somebody tell me how do you eat it and what kinda dishes?

All in all, it was a normal quiet CNY. I was rather surprised to receive quite a lot of angpows. Eddie was even MORE surprised as this was his first time having CNY dinner with my family. But I think it would be his first and his last. Next year, we'll have to start giving angpows. Huhu.


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