Sunday, August 9, 2009

Drama Geek Queen

..that's what the bf calls me. As, according to him, I am a geek and a drama queen. *rolls eyes* I am NOT! :p

So, a recap of the drama geek queen's weekend..

1. I won 9th place in my fourth FNM. How cool is that?? Haha.

First round: I won, 2-0 :)
Second round: I won again, 2-0 :))
Third round: I lost, 0-2

The first round, apparently played against a PTQ qualifier. And the third round, first time played against a Kithkin deck. I was quite disappointed for losing that round! *frowns* Because that player's deck wasn't even a really, really tough deck! It was just a somewhat annoying deck which I have no experience playing against. But I'm still top ten! I have to say it again.. How cool is that?? Hehe. :)) So I won another booster pack. My second. Ever. Haha. Last week, in the pack I won, there was a Open the Vaults. This week, in the pack I won, there was a Pithing Needle. :)

2. Had Sunday breakfast with Jaz and Teens. :) The last we met was in April. Have to make an effort to meet up with them more often.

3. Boss' wife delivered on Saturday, 08.08.09 :) Cool eh?


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