Monday, January 28, 2013


Dear Baby,

Tomorrow I'll be 40-weeks pregnant with you. Everybody can't wait to see you. They have been asking your dad and I non-stop. But we tell them that you will come out when you are ready.

To be honest, I am quite nervous and a little bit afraid of the birthing process. But I know in my heart that both you and I will do just fine. Your dad is also ready to be there and support us when the time comes. So Baby, come out anytime you're ready, ok? We're waiting for you.

Your mom


Kjersti said...

You will do great, Yuzmin!
Concentrate on the job that needs to be done - and you will pull through. Just don't let your huz panic when it all starts :-) Hehe!

Best of luck to both of you!
It's AFTER the birth that all the hard work starts....

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