Sunday, December 11, 2011

B. U. S. Y. BUSY

Ok, I have been MIA for too long. Since March. Did that one post in May count? Yep no, I didn't think so. So that's 9 months of hiatus. 9 whole months of MIA-ness on the blog! Maybe I was abducted by aliens? No. Or kidnapped for a ransom? No. Or maybe I was just plain lazy. Also NO. :S Well... Maybe a little. LOL. Actually... I got married [that was in May] and have been so busy adapting to married life.

To those who are not married yet, a word of warning (?) or advice: When you get married, you will be busy! Very very busy. B. U. S. Y. BUSY. You will have more family members to spend time with, more family dinners and events. Family breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Family outings. You see... I come from a small family. Divorced parents. Dad does his own thing, pretty much. One brother on my dad's side, equally busy with work and girlfriend and stuff. Another two brothers on my mum's side. So there is hardly any family dinners or whatever on dad's side. And once in a while, I visit my mum and my two brothers. That's about it. I'm not complaining. Getting married means I gained a dad who likes teasing me, a mum who cares and prepares home-cooked meals almost daily, two sisters, two more brothers, two nieces and two nephews. :)

Besides adapting to married life, I have also been busy baking. Will post on that later. Will also post on our day-trip to Singapore yesterday to watch the Broadway musical, Wicked. :) Till then... XO


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