Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shoe Mission

I am on a mission to search for my wedding shoes (2 pairs, 1 for each reception). I have seen many online and they're all very pretty and some are exactly how I want my wedding shoes to be. But I have yet to see any that I like in real life.

I want something with a bow at the front. Because people can see the front of my shoe when I sit on the dais. Something like these:

For Eddie's reception, we will be wearing traditional in majolica blue and the family/wedding party will wear grey. So a silver grey pair for Eddie's reception.

And for my reception, I will be wearing a dusty pink dress (Eddie will wear a coat and tie) and the family/wedding party will wear purple. Would a pearl off-white pair of shoes (like the one in the pic above) go with this colour theme?

I think I have to start looking at options of buying them online.

Hm, on second thought, I have not seen and do not know how the beading on my baju will look like. What if the shoes I buy do not match the overall baju look? Oh dear.


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