Friday, April 2, 2010

Update #2

I have been ridiculously busy.. I cannot remember what I did beyond four weeks ago. Except for some CNY lion dances and open houses.

** Warning: Long post ahead! **

Approximately 5 weeks ago, I had an open house. It wasn't really a CNY open house. But just some makan-makan get-together we had since the stepmum is around. We catered food from Razi (contact provided by the bf's mama) and the food was soooooo good! I am salivating while typing this and thinking of the food. Haha! We had nasi dagang, and nasi kerabu and roti jala etc.

Some time ago, a few colleagues of mine were recommending a nasi dagang restaurant near the office and I was quite surprised that there is a (I assumed) Kelantanese restaurant near the office. And even more surprised when they told me that it is a Chinese restaurant. So I told them, wait 'til you try authentic nasi dagang and nasi kerabu prepared by a Kelantanese.

So I invited them to the openhouse. And they actually left da-pao-ing food! Hehe. Thanks, babes for coming all the way. I KNEW the trick was to tempt you with nasi dagang and nasi kerabu. Hehe.


4 weeks ago, I was in Norway for a meeting. Before I went, I was told that it has been snowing 5-6 inches daily and the temperature is on an average, 15 below 0. I have never been to anywhere so cold. And I was really REALLY worried before going.

But all the worry was for nothing. Apparently, the week we were there, it was really good weather. And the Norwegians kept ending work at 2-3 PM to go skiing because the weather was really good.

Stories and photos from winter-white Norway in the next post. :)


3 weeks ago, I was so busy preparing for the Norwegian Crown Prince Couple's visit to Malaysia and to the office. In one day, I had to go from a meeting, to the rehearsal, and then escape the rehearsal to go to another meeting, then go back to the rehearsal several times! That week was absolute craziness for me. But in the end, it was worth the effort. There is a very interesting article and photo in a Norwegian daily (it's in the office). Will scan a copy of it and post it here. :)


2 weeks ago, I was in Bangkok. It was the first workshop for the implementation project in Thailand. And the first time testing out my new role as Assistant Project Manager. :)

The MD singing (with full expression) a song he made up with the go-Live date for the project. Yii zip song thula kom. Dai, dai dai! Which means 22nd of October. Can, can can! It was really sporting of him. :)

The project team - consisting of members from Dubai (an Indian who is based in Dubai), Norway, and Malaysia (an Indian who is based here, in Malaysia as well as local Malaysians).


Last week, I finally took some days off. Didn't do anything much. But I got the opportunity to take photos of the bf's 9-month old niece, Atiqah. She is soooooo adorable! And as cute as a button!

She absolutely loves the camera. Everytime the camera clicked, she laughed. It was really funny!


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