Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rhys the Redeemed

Today the bf and I sent the babe to get its windows tinted. Am so happy now that the windows are tinted. Am not used to driving without tinted windows [read: puteri lilin]. Hehe. :p

After that, we went to Manawerx. But it was closed. The bf really wanted to check the place out. Poor thing. But he remembered another place specializing in board games nearby, and he wanted to see if they have MTG cards. So we went there instead. Lucky for him it was open. They have an amazing selection of board games! And there were a few groups of people playing Warcraft.. Which looks like a really cool game.

The bf looked through the MTG cards they have, and bought two Rhys the Redeemed for my Naya deck. :)

We played a few rounds.. And both of us won 2 rounds each. Which was very good for me as his deck is a really expensive deck with Ajanis and such. :) :)

Ohh.. While we were waiting for the tinting to be done, the bf thought he'd test me to see if I knew which card this phrase was from.. Her sword swings more beautifully than any choir. And he was so surprised when I knew the answer! Haha. His expression was so funny! The phrase is from.. Serra Angel. :)

Had fun today despite it being a rather uneventful Saturday.. :)


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