Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Broke & Happy

I am officially broke. In the past three days, I have bought and spent
  • A pair of black satin stilettos (10% discount with HSBC card) RM 134
  • Two bolster cases for my bedroom (just because they were on 50% discount) RM 40
  • A lot of lingerie RM 410
  • Nokia E71 RM 1,200
  • A pair of chocolate suede maryjane shoes RM 169
  • Two silk pashmina shawls RM 50
  • A black satin clutch to go with my stilettos RM 239
  • Two pairs of jeans RM 452

Excluding how much I spent for baju raya, which was about RM 1,000 and duit raya to give away tomorrow, which will be about a couple of hundred ringgit.

Argh! I am not gonna shop for the next 6 months! And I've already asked him to slap me if I want to buy anything else other than food. Heh.

Nevertheless, shopping is therapy.. And I'm happy :p But I'll be happier with another handbag :p


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